Saturday, 12 April 2014

Article summary of Old homes hold energy answers

East and Bats courier

Friday 7 March 2014

By Sarah Roberts

The article is about two old state houses that we're bought for a song that could hold the secret to how people can hang onto the kiwi lifestyle into the future.

The G.I homes were bought from housing NZ and have been moved to Auckland University's sustainable built futures centre at Ardmore. They will be used to test ways of becoming more energy efficient at a low cost.

"In the world there are 1 billion people living with our kind of lifestyle and another 7 billion trying improvw their living conditions and this results in using more eneegy" centre co-director Geoff Austin says.

Research is already happening on the houses with installation of water. Solar pannels will also be put on roofs to explore natural energy ans heat sources.

One of the centres major focuses is to provide a large scale research site for the NZ building industry to trial all new products. Students will work on the state housea to explore innovative engeneering design concepts related to sustainable living.


Stephanie Parker said...

What an interesting article. What do you think Eseki? Will the research on sustainable heating and water be useful to the future?
Mrs Parker

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