Monday, 14 April 2014

Reading Response activity Warming up, cooling down

This is a non-fiction text, why do you think the author begins with a narrative about Freddie on page 2? [Explain your answer]  I think he begins with a narrative to make the reader think that it’s a recount or a narrative.

On page 6-7 there is a diagram of Freddie’s clothes and Aput’s clothes. Compare the two and consider which clothing would be warmer, and which would be more comfortable. Explain which items you would prefer to wear in the snow and why. I think Aput’s clothes are warmer because the clothes he is wearing is made out of fur and fur is a good insulator. I also think that Freddies clothes are comfortble because the animal skin would be heavy.

Staying warm, Keeping coo


To keep warm you need to wear plastic materials, like polarfleece, polpropylene and nylon clothing because they have tiny pockets that trap air in the same way hairs do and they are also cheap, tough and factories can make a lot of plastic materials very quickly. When  we get too cold our body tells our sensors and then our brain tells our muscles to move really fast to keep us warm and thats called shivering. Our brain also tells our blood to stop travelling too close to the skin so we don’t lose a lot of heat. Humans are mammals and mammals are warm blood. Our blood is the main thing that keeps us warm. Our bodies like to be a about 37 degrees celsius, but if we drop down to 36 degrees celsius then thats too cold.

When we need to stay cool our brain sends the blood to the surface of the skin to help us cool off, that’s why people who are hot look red. We all have fat on us and fat gives us energy and we use lots of energy when we are cold.


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