Thursday, 19 May 2011

Welcome to the learning zone

Hi and welcome to my school blog. I've been waiting for this day to get my own blog. I'm a smart girl and my dream is to get a scholarship to become a teacher. I hope you learn something from my blog and enjoy reading it.


Miss G said...

Congrats on having your very own blog Eseki.

This is a great place to share your learning with the world.

I look forward to reading lots of your wonderful posts.

Miss Gleeson :-)

Miss Elia said...

Hi Eseki
Your poem showed me that you have learned lots about your inquiry topic. =
I didn't know you wanted to be a teacher. That's terrific.
Good on you starting your own blog. It's a great way to share your learning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eseki, thank you for starting this very interesting blog. I'm looking forward to reading more.
Mrs kelly

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