Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The mystery of the vanishing killer

"Help! Help!" I woke up and I heard someone screaming for help so I got up and put my warm jacket on and my black uggs and rushed outside. When I got out side I saw a lady on the floor and a little boy pointing a knife at her. She screamed "help" but the boy was giving me the evils so I quickly shuffled back inside and woke up my parents. So they called the police and by the time the police got there the little boy vanished with the lady's body, leaving no trace of evidence just blood.

To be continued........

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Basketball lesson with Coach Bruce

Yesterday Coach Bruce came to Glenbrae School to teach us the basics of basketball.He was from New York and he played in 15 different countries in the world.
He taught  us how to dribble the ball, do figure eights and wrap the ball around your body.After that we had a race and Christian's team kept on winning but the other teams had to do 10 push-ups. But finally Gabriel's team won.Coach Bruce also taught us how to respect.
Coach Bruce got a Million dollars when he was eighteen for playing basketball and he won a sports scholarship.
Learning how to do figure eights and wrapping the ball around your body was hard but I got use to it.