Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Comaring unit fractions

Today for maths I was on comparing unit fractions in nzmaths. You have to find out which bird ate the most. I made a prediction that Kiri had a bigger tea than Manu because I thought that a 1/4 is half of a 1/2. I like this website because it teaches me about fractions.


Miss Elia said...

Hi Eseki
I really enjoyed reading your blog and finding out about all the different things you love. I didn't know you love designing clothes. Do you have any drawings of clothes you have designed?

Dorothy said...

Hi Eseki

I have enjoyed finding out about what you have been learning in Maths. What a great idea to share a screen shot of your work.

I can see why you like this website It certainly makes Maths fun.

Keep up the good work
Mrs Burt

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