Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Maths comparing and interpreting

Today me and my best buddy Anamanu were comparing and interpreting graphs together.

Travel to school graph:-

We discovered that the most amount of students that travel to school is by motor. Least students travel to school is by train maybe because they live far away from their school.

Height yr8 girls and boys:-

While we were comparing the height for yr8 girls and boys we discovered that more than 30 boys and girls were the same height which was 160 cm.

Lunchtime activities:-

We discovered that yr5 students  have the enthusiasm and probably have the energy to run and play, as for the yr 10 students most of them just sat there wasting there playtime. We wonder is Students get older do they get lazier.

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Stephanie Parker said...

Great interpretation Eseki and Anamanu. I like the way that you have considered why the results varied between groups. I have noticed the same variation with Glenbrae Students lunchtime activites. I wonder if we could encourage senior students to be more active at break times.
Mrs Parker.

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