Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Net Book Reflection 2012

This is a link to my reflection about using my net book.

My Work

Friday, 23 November 2012

My Bio Poem about Will Smith

LI: To write a bio poem

Willard Christopher
Happy, active, Energetic, Hillarious
Sibiling of jada pinkett Smith and sheree zampino
Lover of movies and his family
Who feels happy, Energetic
Needs laughter and to see his family on a daily bases
Who freely shares laughter and happieness
Who fears Bugs and Not a fan of nature
Who would like to see his family everyday
Resident of USA
Smith is his family name

My Bio Poem about Jessie J

LI:To write a bio poem

Jessica Ellen
Funny, active,  Energetic, Happy
Sibiling of Rachel and Hannah Cornish
Lover of singing, music
Who feels energetic, Happy, Artistic
needs happieness and music on a daily bases
Who freely gives advice and ideas
Who doesn’t fear being critical
Who would like to see a crowd in front of her everyday
Resident of USA
Cornish is her family name

Friday, 9 November 2012

My Bio poem about my Grandad

Funny, Smart, Active, strong
Sibling of nine brothers and sisters
Lover of casino games, Rugby, Money
Who feels happy, angry
Needs smokes on a daily bases
Who freely gives nothing at all
Who feArs nothing at all
Who would like to see the las Vegas Casino one day
Resident of New Zealand
Tanaki is his family name

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The mystery of the vanishing killer

"Help! Help!" I woke up and I heard someone screaming for help so I got up and put my warm jacket on and my black uggs and rushed outside. When I got out side I saw a lady on the floor and a little boy pointing a knife at her. She screamed "help" but the boy was giving me the evils so I quickly shuffled back inside and woke up my parents. So they called the police and by the time the police got there the little boy vanished with the lady's body, leaving no trace of evidence just blood.

To be continued........

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Basketball lesson with Coach Bruce

Yesterday Coach Bruce came to Glenbrae School to teach us the basics of basketball.He was from New York and he played in 15 different countries in the world.
He taught  us how to dribble the ball, do figure eights and wrap the ball around your body.After that we had a race and Christian's team kept on winning but the other teams had to do 10 push-ups. But finally Gabriel's team won.Coach Bruce also taught us how to respect.
Coach Bruce got a Million dollars when he was eighteen for playing basketball and he won a sports scholarship.
Learning how to do figure eights and wrapping the ball around your body was hard but I got use to it.

Friday, 28 September 2012

My favourite colour

Blue looks like the colour of the clear sky
The colour of my blanket when I was three years old
Blue feels like the cold freezing water
When I jump into the pool in the morning
Blue taste like yummy and healthy blueberrys
In the morning for breakfast
Blue smells like  fresh blueberry muffins in the oven
At my neice’s birthday party
Blue is the colour of my dreams
When I go to bed at night

Things I Adore/Abhor poem

Things I Adore
Sketches or pictures of Skeletons with crosses

Watching action movies
Dancing in the rain
Jumping and running in the mud

Things I Abhor
Bad behaviour
Bubbble Gum on the ground
Long dirty finger nails
Dirty bedrooms
Bad breath

My Autobiography Poem

Sibling of  three brothers and two sisters
Lover of Music, Art, Hiphop dancing,  and Cute animals
Who feels Ecastatic, Creative and Brave
Needs happiness everyday
Who freely shares ideas with the world
Fears insects, Vicious animals, and Hot things
Would like to see Samoa and Tonga one day
Resident of Glen Innes, Auckland, NZ
Tanaki is her family name

Friday, 14 September 2012

My visit to the museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum has a considerable store of historical items relating to New Zealand history and a special Maori section.

The Auckland Museum has been located at the Auckland Domain site since 1928.  This historic building is near the Auckland Hospital and is on a hilltop. It. It overlooks the Auckland Harbour and the Rangitoto Island.
The Museum is a place where the school and public visitors can learn and explore. Groups of school children, visitors and tourists go to the volcanic room to explore and learn about how volcanoes erupt.

There are 3 parts to the museum and there are over 30 exhibits. The displays are full of Maori and Pacific artifacts. On the third floor all the walls are listed with names of the people who served and died in the war.

A visit to the Auckland War Memorial Museum will educate the visitor and they will learn that New Zealand is known for its strong green stones, tall kauri trees, and its big and fast (but extinct!) moa’s.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

My visit to the museum

Yesterday my class went to the museum and the highlight of my day was when we went to the volcanic room

Monday, 13 August 2012

My place in this world

My Place in this World

Hello my name is Eseki Tanaki and I am 10 years but I  turn 11 on June 29. I am a year 6 and I go to Glenbrae School. I live in Glen Innes, at 85 Taniwha St, with my Grandmother, Aunty, Mum, Stepdad and 5 younger siblings.

My Family Treasure is our Family land all the way in Eua, Tonga and Savai’i, Samoa where my other family members live. It has been passed down for many years. My family comes from Samoa and Tonga. My Grandmother was born in Vaisaulu, Savai’i, Samoa and my Grandfather was born in Faata’ulua, Eua, Tonga. Every 3 years my Family and I have a Family  Reunion.

One of my favourite  hobbies is Art because I want to follow in  my Aunty’s footsteps and I like to paint and get messy! My Aunty is very good at designing and painting.
I also enjoy  Netball, Volley Ball and Rugby because it runs through the family. Last holidays the girls in my family played Volley Ball in Wellington and the boys played Rugby because it was our  Family Reunion. We had so much fun. We will be having another Family Reunion in 2015. I wish it was sooner.

My favourite singer is Jessie Jay because I like the way she expreses her feelings in her songs and I love her voice. My favourite song is “Domino”. Jessie Jay comes from
London. When I first heard her sing I thought she was a New Zealander. But then at the end of her song “Domino”she said, “I am from London.”  I was surprised that she was from London and that she had a British accent.

My Goal is to go to The University of Auckland and study either Art or Fashion. If I ruled the world I would band smoking, drinking, drugs and wars because my Grandpa died from smoking and there are too many losses in wars.My Favourite Grandpa.

My exhausting game experience

On a damp and cold morning I got ready because my family and I were going to meet my Aunty named Lima, Uncle Lauloa and my three cousins Juli, Lama and Faialofa who had just arrived from Savai’i, Samoa.

When we got there I introduced myself to them and I helped them settle down by getting them some food to eat and doing their chores.

Later on I asked Juli, Lama and Faialofa if they wanted to play Volley ball but Juli and Faialofa said””No thank you”” and Lama said””Yes I would like to”” so I got out the Volley Ball equipment and set it up. I went around asking my other family members if they wanted to play Volley Ball  and they said””yes”” so we were divided into teams of 8 each.When we started playing I was the shortist person in my team and I had to stay in the front and I didn’t want to because when my other girl cousin named Helen got spiked by Lama and I was afraid of getting hurt by him.

After that fun and exhausting game I sat down and had a long rest and watched my Nana, Aunty’s and Uncles play Poker and Swepi.. While I was watching them I learnt how to play Poker and Swepi by just watching them. It was a bit boring but I helped my Nana play.

Next it was time for dinner and I had to tell my Nana, Aunty’s and Uncles to come inside and eat. I went back inside and helped them serve the food to everyone then I grabbed my food and went outside to eat my food with my other cousins. I enjoyed my food because it was yummy and juicy.

When I finished my food I went inside and played Monopoly with my cousins. Whenever my cousins and I play any kind of game they always say””No mercy””. Sometimes when we play card games or multiplayer games my cousin Luke cheats and pretends he didn’t cheat.

Soon after we played Monopoly we turned on the DVD player and we watched a couple of movies called The Lucky Ticket and Tinker Bell 1 and 2. While we were watching we ate some popcorn and mine spilt on the floor and I had to clean it up. Later on my brother, sisters and I got tired so we went home and said good by to Lima, Lauloa, Juli, Lama and Faialofa..

Monday, 21 May 2012

Making a Good Blog Comment

We are learning to write a good blog comment

Thoughtful:I said "I liked her interesting post about Art Alive and I liked the picture she added onto her post".
Helpful:I said "I think you choose the right person to draw and I hope you do good at drawing her".

Monday, 26 March 2012

Yummy Shortbread biscuits

In the weekend my family and I made some short bread biscuits. First I got all the materials to make the cake.The first thing I did was preheating the oven. Then I mixed the butter together with the icing sugar. It looked like creamy melted chocolate but it wasn’t dark brown rather it was a creamy colour. The next step was to add in half a cup of flour and a cup of corn flour. When I started mixing the mixture it turned from nice and creamy to a dough.

Once it turned into a dough it felt soft as a furry animal. I started rolling it 10mm thick. Next I got star biscuit cutter and made star cookies. When I put the biscuits into the oven I had to wait  for 30 minutes to cook. They came out golden brown. After that I pressed on some Coffee Sugar Crystals and put them on the table to cool down. Later when they were finally cooled down they was nice and crunchy.

If you would like to make Shortbread Stars here is the recipe
175g butter, softened
½ cup Chelsea Icing surgar
1 ½ cups plain flour
½ cup corn flour
Pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 150C. Greased or lined an oven tray with baking paper.

Beat butter and surgar until light and fluffy. Sift in flour, cornflour and salt and mix thoroughly with the butter mixture until it forms a dough.

Knead dough, then roll out to 10mm thickness on a floured surface. Press out shapes using a biscuit cutter cutter or cut into triangles and place on oven tray. Press remaining dough together and roll out again, press out shapes until mixture is used up. Bake for 30 minutes or until pale golden.
Makes:30 biscuits
Optional:Press on Coffee Sugar Crystals or Dmerara Surgar for a crunchy topping.

Friday, 16 March 2012

My Similies

  1. She was as fat as a dinosaur
  2. He was as old as a rotten banana
  3. She was as prety as a vase
  4. He was as slow as a snail
  5. She was as smelly as a pig
  6. He was mad as a bull
  7. She was red as a tomato
  8. She took off like race car
  9. He eye was as black as licorious
  10. She was as fast a a cheetah

My new baby brother

This is my little baby brother who is so cute!!!His full name is Jack Mafutanga Uoaka Hunt. He was born this year in January the firth. When he was born my biological Mum went to the hospital and the next day my Nana, Aunty and Uncle went to the hospital to see my baby brother. So I was left at home with my brothers, sisters and step Dad. When they came home with my brother my Nana straight away named him Jack Mafutanga Uoaka hunt. My Nana got the name Mafutanga from a church and a badge that says E.F.K.S Mafutanga Tina. But my step dad disagreed to naming him Mafutanga. So they made som arrangements that his first name would be Jack so that's he got his name Jack Mafutanga Uoaka Hunt.   

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Flower Pollination

  • Wind pollinated flowers. The grains of pollen are usually light so they travel by wind.
  • Animal pollinated flowers: Pollen grains are large and stick to insects, birds and mammals body.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Celery surprise

Yesterday room seven had an experiment evolving celery in water and blue food colouring. First we filled our jar with water then we added blue food colouring. After we put one long celery. After one night we took it out and chopped it into pieces and shared it out. We could of used flowers or some other vegetable.