Friday, 28 September 2012

My favourite colour

Blue looks like the colour of the clear sky
The colour of my blanket when I was three years old
Blue feels like the cold freezing water
When I jump into the pool in the morning
Blue taste like yummy and healthy blueberrys
In the morning for breakfast
Blue smells like  fresh blueberry muffins in the oven
At my neice’s birthday party
Blue is the colour of my dreams
When I go to bed at night

Things I Adore/Abhor poem

Things I Adore
Sketches or pictures of Skeletons with crosses

Watching action movies
Dancing in the rain
Jumping and running in the mud

Things I Abhor
Bad behaviour
Bubbble Gum on the ground
Long dirty finger nails
Dirty bedrooms
Bad breath

My Autobiography Poem

Sibling of  three brothers and two sisters
Lover of Music, Art, Hiphop dancing,  and Cute animals
Who feels Ecastatic, Creative and Brave
Needs happiness everyday
Who freely shares ideas with the world
Fears insects, Vicious animals, and Hot things
Would like to see Samoa and Tonga one day
Resident of Glen Innes, Auckland, NZ
Tanaki is her family name

Friday, 14 September 2012

My visit to the museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum has a considerable store of historical items relating to New Zealand history and a special Maori section.

The Auckland Museum has been located at the Auckland Domain site since 1928.  This historic building is near the Auckland Hospital and is on a hilltop. It. It overlooks the Auckland Harbour and the Rangitoto Island.
The Museum is a place where the school and public visitors can learn and explore. Groups of school children, visitors and tourists go to the volcanic room to explore and learn about how volcanoes erupt.

There are 3 parts to the museum and there are over 30 exhibits. The displays are full of Maori and Pacific artifacts. On the third floor all the walls are listed with names of the people who served and died in the war.

A visit to the Auckland War Memorial Museum will educate the visitor and they will learn that New Zealand is known for its strong green stones, tall kauri trees, and its big and fast (but extinct!) moa’s.