Thursday, 24 November 2011

My cinquain poem Blacks
gigantic joyful
cheering active scoring
The crowd goes wild

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Fat Lazy Cat

We bought two rabbits
and the cat was asleep
I screamed
and the cat was asleep
It was my brothers birthday
and the cat was asleep
There was a party
and the cat was asleep
The All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup
and the cat was asleep
I went on a vacation
and the cat was asleep
The mouse ran past the cat
and the cat woke up

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My Grand Parents

This is my Grand Parents and me.But I call them Mum and Dad because they raised me not my parents.Sadly my Grandpa died two years ago because he was very sick. When we went to the hospital the doctors said they couldn't do anything to help him. I was very sad and happy at the same time. I was happy because I got to see all my Tongan cousins that I never knew about but sad because I would miss him. When my Aunt took me to her boss so I could calm down I cried and cried and made her shirt wet but she didn't mind. Now I know that I have lots of cousins. I asked my Nana if they could sleep over until the funeral was over and she said yes but they had to ask their Mum first too. When the funeral was over my whole family and I went to Favona church for my Grandpa's funeral. Everybody was crying and grieving. I sat in front of my Grandpa with my Aunt. I really miss my Grandpa.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Maths Magic

Today I have been on a website called Oswego City School District Maths Games.Wow! I'm so glad that I scored 95% in 0 minutes and 43 seconds .
Next time I will try 4 seconds per equation.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sir Joseph H**ker's sea lion

Today I've been studying about the H**ker's Sea Lion. The H**ker's Sea Lion's is named after Sir Joseph H**ker. He was a British scientist who went to Antarctica and the southern New Zealand islands to study Botany over 100 years ago. The H**ker's Sea lion only lives in New Zealand waters, is one of the most endangered. They are called sea lions because of the thick mane around the neck of the male. They are marine mammals and belong to a group of seals called 'eared seals' because they have small ear lobes. The bull is much heavier than the cow. He can grow to a length of 3.25 meters and weigh over 4oo kg. The adult cow is about 2 meters in length and weighs up to 160 kg. The cow gives birth to its pup in a 'nursery area' with other females. At birth the male pup is much heavier than the female pup. The male pup has a dark coat and the female's coat is fair. There are only five species of sea lion in the world.