Monday, 11 August 2014

The Glenbrae powhiri

Today we had the privilege to meet Len Brown, Dr Nick Smith, Housing NZ Team, Board of trusties, Glen brae school students, Teachers, parents, people from the community Matua Jim, Maori T.V, the Tamaki redevelopment team and alot of other important people. They visited our school to bless the Early Childhood Education centre. There were so many performances like the Taufakanua, Haka, Hannah’s Samoan dance, Welcoming, Karakia, Singing and Sod Turning.

Alot of people volunteered to set up the hall and everything else before our guests came. Everyone enjoyed it because there was a sausage sizzle, breakfast, juice and putting our finger prints on the tree of learning. When most of the guests arrived the first performance was the Samoan Dance by Hannah. Everyone was so excited and cheerful. Mr Nath handed Hannah $10 or $20. The next performance was the Taufakanua by the room 10 and 9 boys. Followed by the Haka which was also by the room 10 and 9 boys.

After all those entertaining performances we all went to class after cleaning up the breakfast. All the classes walked down to the hall and started the karanga. We were all on the edge of our seats (even though the students sat on the floor). Once they sat down we sang E Tasi ae Lasi, then Matua Jim spoke. Followed by Mayor Len Brown and his wonderful song called Te Aroha.

After a all that singing and talking everyone went to the big tree across from the pool to do the sod turning. During the karakia there were loud protesters. I understood what they where going through because I went through it myself. Losing my house and having to move has made a big affect on my life and now I can say I know what you’r going through. Later on the house leaders had the privilege to take a photo with the mayor and walk him and the rest of the guests to the scout hall and the empty piece of land across from the shops.

When we got back we had coffee ( even though we aren’t old enough), cookies, fruit and sausage sizzle. Then we had the honour of witnessing the blessing of the sculpture and taking a photo with Matua Jim. Overall it was a exciting day meeting all those important people and being able to take a photo with them as well.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tae Kwon Do Class

On Tuesday 5th August we had another awesome lesson with Yu learning about tae kwon do. Tae kwon do is a modern Korean Martial art that is similar to karate. She taught us how to tense our stomach by exhaling so that we don't get wounded. She told us that if our left leg is in front we punch with our left hand first. Surprisingly that was the easy part.

We then had to jump once and punch twice. Either we had to punch straight or down because our opponent might be tall or short. She also told us that if our opponent is kicking us we should jump once and punch twice and also try to avoid the kick. Then we did a turning kick. We had to turn our legs and foot to make sure that our kick is accurate.

We also learnt two different  ways to break out of a hold. She told us that the opponent will always expect you to move away from them, so you break out of their hold and move with them at the same time. If both your hands are up and someone grabs both of your hands, you move back or forward and push your hands down. When they grab your neck  you clap your hand at the top , move back or forward and twist to break the hold.

Finally we played a game called fire and helicopter. If she swings the punching bag low we have to jump. But if she swings it high we have to duck down. When we touch the belt or the punching bag we have to do five star jumps. I think the game we played was to make sure we duck any punches or avoid any kicks. Overall  the lesson was incredible because we learnt to defend our selves in any situation.