Thursday, 10 April 2014

My amazing experience at the ZOO!!

The Zoo trip!!!

On Friday 4th  April room 7, 9 and 10 went on a exciting trip to the Auckland Zoo, to learn  about native birds. In the morning my Uncle and I walked to school at 8:00. When we got there Mrs Parker did the admin to make sure we were all there. Then we went down to the hall so Miss Elia could talk to us about our behaviour expectations.

Next we walked onto the bus and we drove to the Auckland Zoo. While we were driving there we played a game called sweet, sour or savoury. When you wave to a stranger and if they wave back they are sweet, if they don’t wave back they’re sour and if they don’t see you they’re savoury. While we were playing suddenly the bus stopped and we were there. We hopped out and we were introduced to Laura, John and Richard who were our instructor’s for the day.After they sorted out the tickets we were lead through to our meeting place where Laura told us where we were going to.

The first place we went to was the high country with John and he showed us the Grand Skink and the Otago Skink. There were four glass cages that had Skinks in them. But one looked empty because I think it was the Otago Skink because when I read the information it said that they are nocturnal and it’s day time.After we observed the Skink’s with curiosity we then went to see the Kea which is an alpine parrot. But before we walked in we had to wait for the other door to close because if both doors open then pest’s will go in and hunt them. They have a sort of bright orange under their wings. There were about three Kea’s in that enclosure. I also think there was a random bird in that enclosure as well.

Later on we went to Laura in the forest enclosure. There were several birds there but I saw a fantail on the outside of the enclosure. Laura told us that birds eat a seed but they don’t digest it just goes through them and out their bottom. Then the seed regrows so birds play a important role in spreading the seeds everywhere. We then moved up to the canopy which is the top of the forest and Laura showed us several birds which were at the top of the enclosure. While Anamanu, Puawai, Chanel and Gemima were standing at the edge observing the birds they suddenly got pooped on.

Then we were sent to Richard in the night enclosure where we saw eels and kiwis. We learnt that female eels go to Tonga and lay their eggs and they grow up they go back to their parents home, so it’s like if you’r parents are born in the islands and you were born here then you travel back to the islands and live there. Later on we walked into the kiwi enclosure  where it was as dark as night. Richard told us we had to adjust our eyes to the darkness and focus on looking at the back of the enclosure. Eventually we saw a kiwi at the back of the enclosure.

Finally we ate and then had free time to check out any enclosure we wanted. I was in Mrs Parker group so we discuss which enclosures we would see 1st,2nd and 3rd. So we set off to see the American alligators. When we got there we closely looked at the alligators but they just sat there and it looked like they were dead but we could see them breathing.

The second enclosures we saw was the golden lion Tamarin, pygmy marmoset and the cotton top Tamarin and the ring-tailed lemur. While we were watching the monkeys it looked like they were flying through the air from branch to branch. We found out that the male ring-tailed lemurs rub their scent glands on their tails and wave them at each other for access over the females [which is why we are lucky that we’re not like them].

The third enclosures we saw were the spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys and the Siamang gibbons. The spider monkeys were in their cozzy little houses, some of the squirrel monkeys were sleeping with their young. When we got to the Siamang gibbon we thought it wasn’t there but it was hanging from the top of the enclosure and I think it was sensitive to loud sound.

The fourth enclosures we observed were the Galapagos Tortoise, Otter’s and Red Pandas but before we got to the enclosures we went past the playground and the [fake] tarantula enclosure where my group and too a photo on the stone tree. When we got to the Galapagos tortoise we observed them and Moli, Ilalio, jack and James made up voices for the tortoises. While me and Anamanu were touching the lone Tortoise on the other side.  Once we got to the otters they were fighting over a dead fish which was kind of disgusting and the red panda was trying to climb to the top of the tree and jump out of the enclosure but it couldn’t.

The firth enclosures we saw were the seals and the Penguins. When we got to the penguins they were swimming in the water together and in the same enclosure we also saw I think it was a bunch of ducks hiding under a boat with their eggs. After we observed the Penguins we saw some seals swimming in the water and lying on the rocks. One was on the door and it looked like it was twerking.

The sixth place we went to was the kunekune and the Guinea pigs near the kids zone where we had time to play and look at the kunekunes and the Guinea pigs

The final places we went to were the pride lands and the hippo river. The we got to a elephant sculpture where I took a picture of Anamanu. When we got back to school Miss Elia told us a woman of the public emailed her and said she was proud of our school and that she has lucky to have lovely student in her school.


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