Friday, 23 November 2012

My Bio Poem about Will Smith

LI: To write a bio poem

Willard Christopher
Happy, active, Energetic, Hillarious
Sibiling of jada pinkett Smith and sheree zampino
Lover of movies and his family
Who feels happy, Energetic
Needs laughter and to see his family on a daily bases
Who freely shares laughter and happieness
Who fears Bugs and Not a fan of nature
Who would like to see his family everyday
Resident of USA
Smith is his family name

My Bio Poem about Jessie J

LI:To write a bio poem

Jessica Ellen
Funny, active,  Energetic, Happy
Sibiling of Rachel and Hannah Cornish
Lover of singing, music
Who feels energetic, Happy, Artistic
needs happieness and music on a daily bases
Who freely gives advice and ideas
Who doesn’t fear being critical
Who would like to see a crowd in front of her everyday
Resident of USA
Cornish is her family name

Friday, 9 November 2012

My Bio poem about my Grandad

Funny, Smart, Active, strong
Sibling of nine brothers and sisters
Lover of casino games, Rugby, Money
Who feels happy, angry
Needs smokes on a daily bases
Who freely gives nothing at all
Who feArs nothing at all
Who would like to see the las Vegas Casino one day
Resident of New Zealand
Tanaki is his family name