Friday, 16 March 2012

My new baby brother

This is my little baby brother who is so cute!!!His full name is Jack Mafutanga Uoaka Hunt. He was born this year in January the firth. When he was born my biological Mum went to the hospital and the next day my Nana, Aunty and Uncle went to the hospital to see my baby brother. So I was left at home with my brothers, sisters and step Dad. When they came home with my brother my Nana straight away named him Jack Mafutanga Uoaka hunt. My Nana got the name Mafutanga from a church and a badge that says E.F.K.S Mafutanga Tina. But my step dad disagreed to naming him Mafutanga. So they made som arrangements that his first name would be Jack so that's he got his name Jack Mafutanga Uoaka Hunt.   


June Fititogo said...

Hi Eseki your little brother Jack is so cute. He also has a lovely name. I wish some day I get to meet him.

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