Tuesday, 26 November 2013

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This article was written by Amy Shanks and is about a Hawke’s Bay women who feeds her teenage children with just $8. She says she get’s $350 from WINZ and $175 from family assistance and she pays her mothers loan, mortgage, power bill automatic payments for school fees, the mechanic in case something goes wrong with her car.She also says that she owns a beach side house and she’s been single ever since her children were born.

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I think the article is good but it has it’s good points and bad points.The bad points are she has her own beach side house which basicly sounds like she rich and she isn't living in poverty. Also she gets $525 but she pays off all her loans and bills with big amounts but why can’t she just pay little by little. The good points are she knows how to make a healthy meal with the basics egg and flour and she’s saving on petrol which is good for the enviroment. She says she will do anything for her children.


I feel sorry that she’s on a tight budget but then also I don’t feel sorry for her because she has her own house so why can’t she either sell it or rent it out to some rich family.It’s good that she looking for a job but she says that there are thousands of people looking for jobs.She is getting free money from the government so that's good.But I still think she could try and do more for her children. I also think the government should set up small hard working jobs for people like Kelly. But I am also asking myself where is her partner.


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