Friday, 2 September 2011

The amazing zoo trip

Hooray!!!. Glenbrae school went to visit the zoo on Thursday 1st of September to study about animals and their habitats.

First we were put into groups of five. I was in my uncle's group with Joan, Anamanu, Nathaniel and Gabriel. But sadly, James was away. Next my uncle's group and I went to the Pridelands where we saw the giraffes,zebras, ostriches, rhinos and the springboks.

Afterwards we went to the kiwi house but unfortunately there were no kiwis. Then we begged my uncle if we could go to the lions and the flamingos.

Later we had a little snack. While we were having a snack we watched the elephants.

Lastly, we all met in front of the entrance of the zoo. We had to wait for Mrs Elia's group because I think they were a bit behind on their schedule.

Finally we hopped onto the bus. When we got to school we went to the hall then we left school and went home. I love the zoo because I like seeing new enclosures.


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