Thursday, 22 September 2011

Weta report

The New Zealand Giant Weta

The Mahoenui reserve in the Waikato Region, is the home of some NZ Giant weta. These wonderful creatures have lived for over 190 million years  which is even older than the Tuataras.

Physical features
Female Giant wetas have a long ovipositor for the eggs to come out of. Their back legs are adapted to defend themselves and they also have ears on their knees.

They eat other small invertebrates. They also eat gorse flowers.

Some Giant wetas live in the Waikato region, Mahoenui reserve.

Main threats
Their threat is rats because their big and the Giant wetas are smaller then them. Their main threat is fire because gorse flowers are highly flammable.

Behaviour features
Giant wetas are placid(gentle). But other wetas are not placid.

Giant wetas are great creatures to have in New Zealand. They are a treasure to us and they are protected from any predators in a Reserve.


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