Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tae Kwon Do Class

On Tuesday 5th August we had another awesome lesson with Yu learning about tae kwon do. Tae kwon do is a modern Korean Martial art that is similar to karate. She taught us how to tense our stomach by exhaling so that we don't get wounded. She told us that if our left leg is in front we punch with our left hand first. Surprisingly that was the easy part.

We then had to jump once and punch twice. Either we had to punch straight or down because our opponent might be tall or short. She also told us that if our opponent is kicking us we should jump once and punch twice and also try to avoid the kick. Then we did a turning kick. We had to turn our legs and foot to make sure that our kick is accurate.

We also learnt two different  ways to break out of a hold. She told us that the opponent will always expect you to move away from them, so you break out of their hold and move with them at the same time. If both your hands are up and someone grabs both of your hands, you move back or forward and push your hands down. When they grab your neck  you clap your hand at the top , move back or forward and twist to break the hold.

Finally we played a game called fire and helicopter. If she swings the punching bag low we have to jump. But if she swings it high we have to duck down. When we touch the belt or the punching bag we have to do five star jumps. I think the game we played was to make sure we duck any punches or avoid any kicks. Overall  the lesson was incredible because we learnt to defend our selves in any situation.


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