Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bio Poem

Adventurous, enthusiastic, kind
Lover of any kind of music, spending time with my family and eating anything made out of chocolate
Who wonders where we go in the after life
Who fears giant spiders, barking dogs, and high places
Who feels scared of dieing, being attacked by animals and getting lost in the woods
Who is able to help others
Who would like to visit my family in Holland, go to Australia and visit my family in Samoa
Who dreams of getting a autograph from Sylvester Stallone (Rocky)


Stephanie Parker said...

I've learnt so much about you Eseki. I didn't know you had family in Holland. I do too, and went to visit them for Christmas 2012. It was amazing! I hope that you get there one day.
We are studying bush safety this term, so hopefully this will help you be less afraid of being lost in the woods.
Mrs Parker.

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