Monday, 13 August 2012

My place in this world

My Place in this World

Hello my name is Eseki Tanaki and I am 10 years but I  turn 11 on June 29. I am a year 6 and I go to Glenbrae School. I live in Glen Innes, at 85 Taniwha St, with my Grandmother, Aunty, Mum, Stepdad and 5 younger siblings.

My Family Treasure is our Family land all the way in Eua, Tonga and Savai’i, Samoa where my other family members live. It has been passed down for many years. My family comes from Samoa and Tonga. My Grandmother was born in Vaisaulu, Savai’i, Samoa and my Grandfather was born in Faata’ulua, Eua, Tonga. Every 3 years my Family and I have a Family  Reunion.

One of my favourite  hobbies is Art because I want to follow in  my Aunty’s footsteps and I like to paint and get messy! My Aunty is very good at designing and painting.
I also enjoy  Netball, Volley Ball and Rugby because it runs through the family. Last holidays the girls in my family played Volley Ball in Wellington and the boys played Rugby because it was our  Family Reunion. We had so much fun. We will be having another Family Reunion in 2015. I wish it was sooner.

My favourite singer is Jessie Jay because I like the way she expreses her feelings in her songs and I love her voice. My favourite song is “Domino”. Jessie Jay comes from
London. When I first heard her sing I thought she was a New Zealander. But then at the end of her song “Domino”she said, “I am from London.”  I was surprised that she was from London and that she had a British accent.

My Goal is to go to The University of Auckland and study either Art or Fashion. If I ruled the world I would band smoking, drinking, drugs and wars because my Grandpa died from smoking and there are too many losses in wars.My Favourite Grandpa.


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